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Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a Disruptive, Digital-Driven
Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) (Business Expert Press, 2019)

Scaling Leadership for Industry 4.0

Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders provide organizations with the systematic and fact-based leadership development approach and strategies they need to develop their high potential (future) leaders in today’s fast-paced highly disruptive, increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) and digital-driven era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (better known as Industry 4.0).


A company’s leadership pipeline is expected to deliver its next generation of leaders who are capable of leading now. It is evident that conventional leadership development practices are no longer adequate. Organizations need to incorporate the next-generation leadership competencies in order to address the development needs of their rising leaders globally.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0 as it is more commonly known), represents the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber-Physical Systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems. In this fourth revolution, a range of new technologies will evolve that combine the physical, digital, and biological worlds. Across all industries, there’s clear evidence that these new technologies are having a major impact on businesses and how leaders lead and engage their workforce.

The current highly disruptive digital transformation has ushered in a new business environment that is fast, open, and responsive, resulting in a number of organizational and leadership challenges. How do organizations develop the next generation of leaders to meet these challenges?

This book is designed to provide insights into an understanding of the best practices and contemporary approaches to the identification, assessment, selection, and development of future leaders of an organization with a focus on executive and transition coaching as a development tool. It also includes best practices on developing a high-performance organization as well as strategies on leading and engaging effective teams in this digital-driven workplace.

Endorsement from Global Thought-Leaders

“Today, business takes place in a highly disruptive and digital-driven landscape resulting in the need for companies to deliver its “next generation” of leaders who are capable of leading now. This is a highly recommended book where Sattar has offered a pragmatic, tested, and insightful approaches including executive & transition coaching to effectively develop a sustainable leadership pipeline.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Thinkers 50 – #1 Executive Coach and the only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“Developing future or next generation of leaders continues to be one of the perennial and biggest challenges facing organizations today especially in view of the dramatically changing the digital and highly disruptive business landscape.  The book “Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders” identify the leadership competencies that are critical in today’s business environment that is fast-paced, highly disruptive and VUCA-driven and also provides business leaders with best practice approaches, framework and tools that can be leveraged upon towards developing the next generation of leaders (high potentials). This is a recommended read for leaders at all levels across all industries.”

Prof Howard Yu, Author of LEAP: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied (2018) and LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation, IMD Business School

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