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Introduction to Business Expert Press

Business Expert Press (BEP) was founded in 2008 because of one question: “Why do we pay so much for a professional book when we only want a few chapters?” From that question grew our initial priority: concise, precise, professional business information, published in print and eBook formats, written by experts in their fields, and organized into specific content collections so that consumers can immediately find the information they seek on subjects that matter to them.

BEP has grown to be one of the premier sources of business content for colleges and universities around the world. With its primary staff in the United States, BEP has a global sales and marketing operation, distributing our print and e-content to professionals and academics World-Wide.

Our books not only contain ideas and solutions tailored to today’s business environment; they also offer content that anticipates the business environment of tomorrow—content that is both drawn from and relatable to many cultures in many different countries. Our books have won numerous citations and awards. Many of our authors are recognized as premier authorities in their fields. We’re proud to be a part of the business world today and look forward to continuing to serve the business community by offering innovative content in all areas of enterprise.

Business Expert Press is dedicated to developing collections of complementary titles within specific business disciplines and across topics of interest. Each collection is led by a collection editor or editors who actively chart the strategic direction of the collection and seek out new authors and new topics. An example is the publication of the new book “Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a Disruptive, Digital-Driven Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)” authored by Professor Sattar Bawany.

The Partnership of Harvard Business Publishing and Business Expert Press

Harvard Business Publishing and Business Expert Press have been partners for more than seven years. HBP (founded in 1994 as a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University) is known for publishing some of the world’s leading business case studies, as well as other publications. These case studies offer real business situations and outcomes that really help both the business student as well as any business professional. Click here to learn more.

HBP’s decision to choose BEP books that marry well with their case studies has given the academic, corporate, and individual manager markets the perfect resource to business education. 

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